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Combining modern day amenities with old world charm, Javea is a beautiful portside village with prime real estate opportunities. Many of those lucky enough to discover Javea while vacationing have opted to retire there. It features beachfront property as well as a mountainous landscape. Inland, there is a lush countryside of citrus trees and native flowers. Many tourists enjoy the springtime in Javea, as the air is filled with the scent of lemons, oranges and blossoms. It also boasts a mild climate throughout the year, making it a great place to visit during any month.

With a population of approximately 20,000 people, Javea remains a quaint town. Although certainly popular with tourists (particularly the British), it hasn’t become overly crowded with expatriates and sightseers. No, Javea has maintained a cozy sense of community in what the World Health Organization claims to be one of the world’s best year-round climates. It is also a town that welcomes outsiders and harmonizes with new residents and visitors. Employment rates are high during the tourist season and many people there are fluent in English. The real estate industry, in particular, is enjoying Javea’s popularity with the lucky initiates who have decided to make the town their home.

Many different properties are available for rent or purchase in this fishing town. Apartments, villas and plots of land are available for both investors and potential residents. Those considering investment in Spanish real estate will be pleased to know that interest rates are very reasonable. In the past five years, the appreciation of Spanish properties has skyrocketed and is expected to continue in its climb. Javea is fast becoming one of the most desired areas of investment, due to its impressive architecture, location and climate. There are many local real estate agencies that are willing to assist buyers and most of them speak English.

Other features of the town include the many recreational activities available. Property can be rented or bought near one of the local golf courses and/or hiking trails. Also, boating and fishing is a passion of the residents of Javea. The local yacht club features over 300 facilities for many water sports and activities. Several large festivals are held each year, as it is a celebratory community (much like the rest of Spain) and scenic drives can be taken through the countryside and nearby mountain ranges. In addition to relaxing, the nightlife is often buzzing and there are many shopping areas throughout the town and in nearby communities.

Although a small town, Javea is within driving distance of larger cities like Valencia and is conveniently located from the nearest airport. Despite its popularity with upper-class travelers and investors, Javea has managed to stay old-fashioned in appearance. There are no high-rise buildings or modern shopping complexes. Instead, Javea maintains its gothic architecture, which features a beautiful town square and large church. Stained glass windows and magnificent steeples are another aspect to the scenic town that makes it so photogenic.

Property is now abundant in this versatile town, although it may not remain that way for long. Many are taking advantage of the current interest rates in the Spanish real estate market, so potential buyers are encouraged to act now. The first step to owning property in Javea is visiting the location and meeting with potential real estate agents. It is also wise to compare local banks if one is planning to finance with a mortgage loan. The town of Javea is happy to receive so much acclaim and is more than accommodating to new visitors and citizens.

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