Investing in Spanish Property

Posted by: Amy Cottrell about 17 years ago

Buying property in Spain has become very popular for those seeking a summer home, a place to retire, or just a good asset. It isn’t just the wealthy that are buying property in Spain, either. Everyday people who wish to invest some money for the future are quickly discovering this gem of a market. The financial return for real estate property is much more stable than any other kind of investment. In Spain, interest rates and the cost of good property are considerably lower than in America or the UK. That, along with the country’s beautiful landscapes, is why Spanish real estate is so hot for investors.

Historically, a real estate venture has proven to be the wisest choice for those seeking a return on an investment. In fact, it may be the only kind of investment in which a person never has to use his or her own money if they don?t want to. Hypothetically, a mortgage loan is sought from a bank for the cost of the property and then, a tenant covers the cost of the monthly mortgage statement. In Spain, where the mortgage rates are typically low, banks are clambering for business and willing to negotiate in order to beat out their competition. When seeking a good mortgage deal in Spain, it is wise to bring competitors? offers to each bank. They will often try to improve on the other offers.

Spanish real estate has been steadily increasing in value for the past five years. Research suggests that this growth is projected to continue well into the future and the sooner an investor purchases their property, the bigger return they will see. That is because the prices of the real estate are climbing, too. Spanish property makes a stable and wise addition to anyone?s investment portfolio, not just the wealthy ones. Fair prices and minimal down payments to competing and eager banks means that almost anyone can afford to invest in Spain. Due to the increase in Spanish investments, the government is beginning to pass laws that protect potential buyers from dishonest sellers and real estate agencies.

Choosing a place in Spain to invest in is just a matter of preference. There is no particular area that rates the highest, although there are favorites amongst buyers and tenants. Real estate connoisseurs and vacationers alike often refer to townships along the Costa Blanca, as well as other scenic areas of the country. However, one of the great advantages to buying property solely for capitol gain is that the buyer doesn’t have to get emotionally involved with the real estate. A good investment is a good investment, no matter how the property looks to the consumer. The type of real estate can vary as much as the area it?s in. Apartments, villas, fincas and plots of land are all waiting to be bought in some desirable Spanish locations.

Before investing in any Spanish real estate, it is best to travel there and see the land in person. Choosing a desirable location in Spain may be easy, but pictures alone are not enough to go on when spending large amounts of money. Also, one should deal with a Spanish bank in person if seeking a mortgage loan (know that Spanish banks deal in Euros, not dollars or pounds). For added security when making a transaction, hiring a lawyer to look over all agreements is a wise choice. Prospective buyers can seek English-speaking lawyers, bankers and real estate agents in Spain. From there, one can sit back and enjoy a most wise and profitable investment.

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